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GU Series 1,2,3 Panels
Available in 5 switch 2 socket and 6 switch 1 socket
The socket cut outs fit all our round sockets and meters.
The 5 Switch 2 socket comes standard with one of our 12v Ciggy sockets, if you want something else message us.

These panels fit the standard Carling ARB Style rocker switches, they also fit our switch shaped Double USB Socket.

Switches can be any design from our available switches, standard or laser etched.

This panel doesn't come pre-wired, due the different configurations available.

All sockets, switches and panels backed by a 24 mth replacement warranty.

GU 1,2,3 Lower Dash replacement Panel

  • Leave a note at checkout or message us to tell us what switches and what colour you would like.
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