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Get precise current readings with the DC Ammeter and never lose track of your circuit again. This handy meter allows you to:

  • Measure DC current from 0 to 100A with a high-accuracy 75mV shunt
  • View readings clearly on the bright amber OLED display
  • Quickly take measurements anywhere with the compact 29mm diameter body

With a wide 0-100A range, the DC Ammeter is perfect for measuring current draw for motors, batteries, automotive applications, and more. The easy-to-read display ensures you always know exactly how much current is flowing, while the included shunt provides accurate 75mV output for precise measurements.

Whether you're an electronics hobbyist, electrician, or automotive enthusiast, the DC Ammeter is a versatile tool that makes your next project easier. Stop guessing about current draw and easily quantify it!


DC Ammeter

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