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Take Control of Your Circuits With This Powerful Relay Box!

  • 5 x 40A high-capacity 4 pin relays handle even your most demanding automotive and marine applications
  • Includes 41 metallic pins for secure circuit connections
  • Comes with 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, and 40A fuses to protect your system
  • Durable PA66 plastic housing built to withstand engine bay conditions
  • Compact 81.1 x 67.5 x 175.1mm size fits easily in tight spaces

Now you can switch high-powered accessories like lights, winches, and pumps without risk of overloading your circuits. This relay box keeps your electrical system running safely and efficiently. With robust relays, a full assortment of amperage fuses, and corrosion-resistant construction, it's the ideal solution for automotive and marine installations. Stop wrestling with jury-rigged circuits and get the protection and control you need!

4 pin Relay box.

    • We ship worldwide.
    • All orders have Tracking.
    • Stock items ship within 24 Hours (excluding weekends)
    • 30 Day Returns (Buyer pays Postage)
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