This revised clutch spring for the VF commodore is a much needed revision. The spring is 70% lighter than the factory spring. What this does is allow you to actually feel the clutch engagement for more precise and smooth shifting. Launching is also more consistent and the feedback now given enables you to adjust during rather than botch the launch entirely. The factory spring is designed for anyone to be able to drive and be smooth, or should we say numb. GM does a fantastic job of doing this to all of their late model performance cars. There are more than 225 springs out there today with not one single bad review. There are many reviews of the “Chevy SS Owners” page on Facebook. You will not regret this simple yet impactful upgrade. Simply pop off the five clips to remove the cover over the pedals. Then swap the spring (note orientation) and you’re finished! The factory spring has grease on the coils, it wouldn’t hurt to add some to the new spring.

VF Commodore Clutch Spring