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Torque Convertor Lock-Up Manual Control Kit Suit Most Models
Latest news from Wholesale Automatic Transmissions is our Lock-Up Manual control
unit for all 4 speed Nissan Patrols, Toyota 80/100 series Land Cruisers, Prado and Hi-
lux 4 & 5 Speed with Automatic Transmissions. Designed to manually control the Lock
-Up torque convertor while still allowing the transmission to change up and down
through the gears as per normal.
Eliminates all convertor slippage and convertor runaway on steep downhill descents
allowing full 100% engine braking. Will stall engine if not turned off before stopping!
Just like not engaging a Manual clutch before coming to a stop. Works in all forward
gears and in most models reverse.
Allows for full time Lock-Up in any gear including 3rd when heavy towing greatly re-
ducing transmission over heating, eliminating constant Lock-Up engagement and dis-
engagement, Longer life expectancy of the Lock-Up plate and giving you greater fuel
economy in all of the above circumstances. Cheap and easy to fit, comes complete as a
wiring loom, relays and switch that illuminates when Lock-Up is manually activated.
Lock-Up convertor reverts back to being ETC ( Computer ) Controlled when Manual
control is turned off.
All Toyota Land Cruisers, Prado, Hilux and Nissan GQ Patrols require either our No-
mad or Extreme Valve Body to work in 1st and Reverse gears. The Nissan GU does not
require the Extreme Valve Body to operate in both first gear and reverse.

Torque Convertor Lock-Up

  • Contact before purchase for vehicle availability.
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