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Direct replacement for the rear pop out panel in a GU patrolAvailable with any configuration of Voltmeter, Double USB Socket,and Merit Socket.

3 panels to choose from:4 Socket Panel

4 Socket with Switch & Circuit Breaker

4 Socket with Anderson Plug & Circuit Breaker

Panels can be purchased complete or as the panel only.

Default Socket configuration is Red Voltmeter, Double USB Socket, 12V Socket & Merit Socket. Any combination of these can be supplied, msg for a price.

This panel doesn't come pre-wired, due the different configurations available.

Stainless Steel

GU Patrol Rear Panel

  • Does not include retaining clip, you have to use the one out of your existing panel. If Buying the panel with the switch, leave us a note for what type and colour. Default is a Blue Power switch, if Blue is out of stock Red will be sent. If Buying a panel with a voltmeter, Red is the default, if you would like blue, message us to let us know.
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